Cremation Services

Why Choose Cremation?

For Lafayette, LA area families deciding on cremation or burial is a very personal choice and often difficult to make. Over the last several years, cremation has become a much more popular choice for Lafayette, LA area families in honoring and celebrating their loved one's passing. 

Among the most common factors for choosing cremation services are:

Cost – Because cremation services do not require traditional embalming, casketing, and burial, cremation services generally costs less than a traditional burial.

Simplicity – Often, cremation services do not require as many decisions as a traditional burial. For example, since you do not have to decide on which casket to buy or where to bury your loved one, you can spend more time saying goodbye and less time planning the funeral.

Flexibility – Cremation services provide flexibility in how and where your loved one spends his/her eternal rest. Whether you select a single urn or several, memorial jewelry, or scattering, your loved one will be close to you and your family.

Celebration – With the rise of cremation services, memorials have increased that celebrate a life well-lived. Memorials that reflect or loved-one's life provide the flexibility in honoring the deceased, which is personalized and reflects how your loved one lived.

Our licensed funeral directors provide personal service and meet with each family where they are most comfortable. Whether you come to our funeral home or meet you at your home, our funeral directors will assist you throughout the entire arrangement process. Our goal is to make honoring your loved one as simple and as convenient to you as possible so that you can celebrate a life well-lived and begin the healing process. 

The Benefits of an Onsite Crematory 

Our on-site crematory is located right behind our funeral home in the heart of Maurice, and we know that having your loved one close to you during this difficult time is very important to our families.  Having an on-site crematory also reduces crematory pricing to our Lafayette, LA is families.  Because your loved one never leaves our care, you have ensured the highest standards of honesty, accountability, and trust from our superbly trained, certified staff. All staff members are Cremation Association of North America (CANA) certified, and each staff member completes our cremation identification process with assistance so that traceability is ensured.  While other funeral homes must use an off-site crematory, Cypress provides complete cremation services to Lafayette, LA area residents in our on-site crematory. Your loved one will stay in our care, close to you, with our staff tending to the cremation process until you say your final goodbyes.